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The loveseat.  I had to do something about the crappy couch we had in our living room.  I saw a plan for this and decided the style would look nice in our Mission/Craftsman style living room.  I did change up the plan quite a bit removing the dust catching slats and replacing them with Black Walnut panels.

I’ve seen these at various art and woodworking shows and wondered how they did that.  Finally, in Wood magazine, I saw a plan for this exact table.  It fits excellent next to the loveseat in our living room.

One of the largest and scariest projects I’ve ever undertaken – The Fireplace Surround.  I was tearing apart my house! Once I got started there was no turning back. Almost everything except for plumbing was involved. Now when watching TV I find myself looking at my handy work more than what is on the tube.

Artist's Tabouret

The Artist’s Tabouret was another big learning experience.  It is built in the Mission/Craftsman style, but with a few enhancements.  Even in this small thumbnail picture you can see the chatoyance of the Maple drawer fronts.