What to Build Next?

Do I want to start something totally new like a Sam Maloof Low Back Dining Chair or a Blanket Chest? Decisions Decisions.

Park Bench #3

This is the 3rd of 3 park benches that I was commissioned to make.





Note, all structural joinery are pegged mortise and tendon joints. The pegs are made of mahogany. The back slats are now mortised into the back top and bottom rails. This is a change from the provided plan, The bottom tenon of the slats are not glued into the mortise, but rather, to mitigate any water damage I used clear silicone on the tenon and in the mortise. The squeeze out was allowed to harden for awhile and then gently cut away. Time will tell if this process is superior to the original plan.

I’m thinking this type of construction is now my standard for furniture construction. At least till I find something that has been tested and will last for decades.


Park Bench #2



This is the 2nd of 3 Park Benches I was commissioned to make. This one is slightly different from the first in that I used mahogany pegs in the mortise & tenon joinery.



Park Bench

I was contracted to build a few park benches. I’m making these out of quarter sawn white oak. This is the first one. The first picture is unfinished – the 2nd with the finish applied.



The Twins are Finished

It took me 2-3x too long to make these because summer outings, lunches,  and naps got in the way. But, I finally finished both of the Two Tiered Floating Top tables.  They look great next to the matching Love Seat

The twins … these tables are made of Ash and Black Walnut.

Two Tiered Floating Top table … 1 of 2 are finished. It’s twin will be finished soon.



OK … I’ve been looking at getting an HVLP spray system for awhile now. I finally broke down and got one. I have to ask myself – why did I wait so long! I’ll tell you why – I wanted to do it the old school way by hand rubbing the finish to a French polish finish. Well, this new system gives me the super high gloss that I strive for in a fraction of the time. I figure if the old schoolers had HVLP they would have used them. Stay tuned for pics of my latest builds coming soon.