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Dining Chair

i’ve been asked (told) to make 6 new dining room chairs. They will be made of black walnut and cherry.  The seats, also made of cherry, will be sculpted.  Here are some pics of my status so far.

what the raw wood looks like

the basic structure in black walnut

what the cherry slats will look like

another view of the slats

cherry slats installed

another look at the slats

starting the finish … it’s not done yet

Say Hi

I know people are viewing my website. Please say hi. I’d like to hear what you like. Leave a comment or contact me. — Thanks

Incense Burning Box

I made this awhile back. It’s an incense burning box. The cool thing about this box is that when the incense burns down the stick the smoke exits thru the closest hole creating an interesting effect.

The box is Purple Heart and the top is Zebrawood. Stay tuned because I want to make one for myself.



Pizza Peels

If you make one of these be prepared to make more. Everyone wants one.



Contemplation Bench

The Asian inspired Contemplation Bench is finished. Thanks to The Wood Whisperer, Marc Spagnuolo, for his excellent guidance on this project.

This bench is made of White Oak and finished with an outdoor oil – Hemp Shield. It should last many years on our front porch.




The Latest Woodworking Project

I had all the best of intentions of building something from my wife’s wish list, but that didn’t happen. What I did do was learn something new.

I wanted to learn how to make a sculptured piece of furniture. There are very few flat surfaces on this piece (only the bottom is flat). And to make it tougher, there were no 90 degree angles.

Of course, this project “required” me to acquire more tools! However, the tools I’m acquiring now are hand tools. This project was almost completely done using hand tools.

It’s not finished yet, but had to post my progress so far:


More on this when I finish.


Happy Holidays from our boys

Happy Holidays from our boys

Just a fun little holiday pic of our boys.